Self-Made Is A Myth
Make A Difference Together

No one is really self made.
No one ever gets to where they end up alone. Instead, whether we like it or not, we are a culmination of all of the people who have come before us.

Acknowledging your path to this point is more than a stunt to make you seem humble or even just an exercise in gratitude. While humility and gratitude are powerful, taking note of the assistance and support you’ve had on your entrepreneurial journey is a strategic move. When you create the habit of being grateful for your past partners you’ll also begin the habit of acknowledging the positive relationships that are in your life today, and even the ones that are to come. We Make A Difference Together that far surpasses anything we could do on our own

Pay It Forward
So, in honor of the fellow business owners in your life that had an impact on you becoming the person you are today, let’s celebrate them. Fill out the questionnaire below to apply to be on our podcast to recognize that person.

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