Business Owner Complimentary Business Strategy Session

We figure there’s no better way to know if we should work together in a coaching relationship than to do a coaching session - and the first one’s on us. This is a 2 hour deep dive into your business to get a clear understanding of where you are now and where you want to go both personally and in your business;  

We'll explore what you are doing now to see the foundation you’re working from and identify your biggest challenges. 

Your coach will share some strategies to overcome those challenges so you can see what coaching looks like.

Next, we'll review how at ActionCOACH we work with clients and give you some examples of how we can work with your business to really make things happen. At the end if we both agree that it makes sense, we will explore which coaching program is right for you.  

If you decide coaching is not right for you, you'll still walk away with invaluable ideas you can apply to your business right away.

The first step in signing up is to fill out the questionnaire below that will take about 15 minutes to complete.  This questionnaire helps us to better understand your situation so we can best prepare for our 2-hour session.

After filling out the questionnaire we will ask you to book your two-hour session at least a week out to give us time to review your questionnaire, ask you any clarifying questions, as well as mail you an information packet.
These complimentary sessions are valued at $2,500 and we only offer 4 a month, so you'll want to book yours right away to ensure you get on the schedule.

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